Best option to purchase the prescribed glasses

You can purchase eyeglasses from online stores as well. You cannot only purchase these prescribed eyeglasses at a reasonable price, you can browse through hundreds of glasses before you actually place an order. They do have a wide range of glasses and you can easily select the shades of your choice at the comfort of your home and not to worry about moving around the city in search of best glasses. The ordered prescription eyeglasses will be sent to your doorstep within five to nine working days.

But before purchasing these eyeglasses online, you need to have a proper prescription. With the help of the prescription you either need to enter all the details online else you can send a photocopy or fax the prescription to the online vendor and be assured that the lens fixed in these glasses are accurate. The prescription issued should not be over 365 days, if it is over 365 days they recommend you to visit the doctor once again and get an detailed prescription.

Other than updating the prescription, it is also important that you give the correct measurement of the frame. All the online retailers ask for the measurement of eye frames and it has to be entered in the website. It is important that you take the measurement of these glasses correctly and mention it in the website in order to obtain a correct fit. All retailers follow a particular format as follows 55-19-136-24-136. Here 55 represents the width of the lens, 19 represents width of the bridge, 136 represents width of the temple arm, 24 is the height of width and 136 is the total width of the frame i.e from one temple to another. Here all the measurements are listed in mm.

Next important step is to select the right frame so as to it should compliment your frame. Most of the online retailers will help you with certain information as to how to select the glass based on the shape of your face. This information will definitely help you select the right frame that suits your face.

Final step is to check the price of the lens. As online retailer charge and offer cheap glasses but add extra charges on various types of coating offers like for an Anti-Reflective Coating, Anti-Scratch Coating and UV protection, so you can purchase these glasses from retailers who offer these coating free of cost.

We recommend that you do a little research about the price factor and also the quality before you purchase these glasses. This would save your time as well money and you don’t have to visit any stores in person.