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My elder sister’s thirty-year birthday lies on March 16 and I have to prepare a special gift for her from now on. My sister behaves affectionately towards me and looks after me when my mother is on a business trip to another city far from home. I always want a gift from her on many interesting festivals because I clearly know that she has much more pocket money than me. My mother places much trust on my sister’s ability to control money as wisely as possible and to me, she always takes it for granted that I am too young to manage my money. Now, I have grown up and I can earn money myself. This time, I can buy a gift for my sister to express my sincere and deep love towards her. A pair of eyeglasses is my mother’s suggestion and she thinks that I should not spend too much money since I become a wage earner for a short time.

Though I am in a younger generation, my mother knows more about the new trend at present. She is fond of online shopping after all time is so limited for her. Online purchase can help her get what she wants without window-shopping all day along. She gives me such advice because she has heard the news that a famous online glasses store in America is sparing no efforts to hold promotion activities to redeem the customers. Tempted by my mother’s recommendation, I decide to order a pair of women’s prescription glasses for my sister as her birthday present.

Logging in the online store, I see many different kinds of fashionable eyeglasses there. What’s more, I am sure that I can afford a pair of high quality and stylish design. My mother tells me that if I want to buy a pair during the period till March 15, I can receive 10% discount with the coupon code [PG2011]. I ask her to give me some opinions to select a suitable pair and we finally take a fancy to a black pair of rimless eyeglasses. I wait for some days to place an ultimate order and send to my sister. I can not imagine her respond when the package delivered to her but I think it must be a big surprise to her.