How to Get Stylish Glasses

These days prescription glasses seem to more and more popular, as they are not just some instruments for people to see but also a sign of someone’s taste. Nowadays, there are various glasses frames and you have many options to choose the most suitable ones for yourself. Select your glasses and show your style.

You may ask how to choose the frame that is best suit for your face. There are some guidelines to follow. First, figure out your face type, this is an important factor. Round, over or heart-shaped will give different answers. Rectangular frames are not the wrong choice for round faces, the lenses that balance the face by being wider at the bottom are usually the best for heart-shaped faces. Those people whose faces are oval can wear nearly any style of frames and lenses. If your features are small, you should choose frames with small lenses, because large lenses would overwhelm your face and make you look outdated. If your face is a narrow one, your choice will be somewhat limited for the frame of eye glasses should not be wider than the widest point of your face. These will certainly overwhelm the face. I have to say they are too big for who got small face.

What’s the next step? Consider about the color and material of your glasses. People with high myopia may be not suitable of plastic frames, because plastic frame are heavy. Dark, harsh colors are not the right style of light or fair-skinned people, such as black. Light colors are usually flattered most. Another popular choice is rimless frame. The frame material does not connect with the lenses much while the arms and nose piece simply does. If anyone wants to minimize the look of the glasses on his face, delicate frames are best choice. In fact, color has not much to do with of rimless frames. But shape is the most important factor. It’s Just need a little bit of research and some trial and error, most of us can find glasses that flatter our face, of course your glasses can reach the double duty – fashion and function!

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