What should we pay attention to when ordering half rimless glasses?

Eyeglass frames used for prescription glasses are always considered to be a fashion accessory besides shoes and hats, etc ornaments. Based on the different needs and requirements of eyeglass wearers, prescription glasses manufacturers have designed three basic kinds of glasses frames -– fully rim glasses, semi rimless glasses and rimless glasses. Half rimless frames have become the most widely used frames among glasses wearers in all aging groups, since they can make people look trustworthy and intellectually mature. This article will discuss about what we should pay attention to while ordering a prescription glasses with half rimmed frame.

A. People with a prescription which is positive in sphere lower than 300 are not suggested to choose half rimless glasses. Different type of lenses will have different physical characteristic, positive prescription will have a concave cross section. Thus the thickness in the center is larger than the edge. And the stronger the prescription is, the thicker the lens will be. We know that semi rimless portion is held by nylon string and it requires the technicians to cut a groove. If the edge is too thin, it will be insufficient to put slot on and hold the lens properly with the nylon string.

B. People with an imbalanced prescription are not recommended to select the half rimless frame. The semi-rimless portion is with no rim, and will bring a good appearance if you choose the semi-rimless frame. A full rim glasses will be a better choice.

C. Avoid of getting a semi-rimless or rimless frame for your kids.
It is a common knowledge that kids are more prone to accidents than adults. They are not expected to treat their eyeglasses delicately; therefore frames for them have to be tough to withstand rough usage. A full rim bendable titanium or flexible frame will be the perfect choice for them.

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