Who shouldn’t wear prescription glasses?

Contact lenses have the common glasses’ function that correcting vision and lifting the inconvenience with frame glasses. So wearing contact lenses of prescription glasses has already become a kind of fashion today. Yet the contact lens is not suits everyone. Who is unfavorable to wear contact lenses?

Primary and middle school students shouldn’t wear contact lenses. They are in growth period. Their eyes’ view axis isn’t fixed form. If they wear contact lenses too early or for a long time, it is easy to cause the corneal symptoms of being short of oxygen, and physiological metabolism corneal obstacles and so on. If the lenses’ cleaning and disinfection aren’t very rigid, there will be a secondary infection. If the lenses can’t adapt cornea, it will cause corneal epithelial peeling. What’s worse, it can lead to corneal ulceration or perforation. Therefore, the elementary and middle school students have no necessary to wear contact lenses. The glasses with framework are more appropriate.

Patients who have cold also shouldn’t wear contact lenses. Since their hands often carry with a lot of diseases. This make it’s easy to take diseases into the eyes when they wear glasses. In addition, cold is often accompanied by slight retinal inflammation. Wearing contacts will make inflammation become worse. Some cold, cough and analgesic drug contain the composition which inhibits tears. The reduction of tear secretion will make the contact lenses become too dry and then influence eyesight.

Wearing contact lenses will make the people have allergies have complications, such as inflammation, conjunctivitis, etc. If these don’t get treatment for long time, it may endanger the vision. If the allergies have to wear contact lenses, they had better wear only during the day and at least one day no service. If an inflammation happened, they had to stop using.

When people are 40 years old, the eye tissues will have some obvious degenerative changes. The local resistance of eyes will drop. At this time, if the people wear a thin layer of lens on the eyes’ surface, it’s easy to cause oxygen corneal infection and ulcers complication. People who are between 40 and 60 years old can wear contact lenses for short time. People who are 60 years old or older had better don’t wear contact lenses. Otherwise, it’s easy to cause severe complications.

Pregnant women are not suitable for wearing contact lenses. During pregnancy, because the body of function changed, the body’s secretion function changed, too. Therefore, tear’s secretion reduced. This will cause some discomfort.

When we wear prescription eyeglasses, we’d better pay attention to the health. What’s more, we’d better buy them on professional eyeglasses stores, like this: cheapglasses123.com.